21.11.2007 | Homepage of the presentation

Welcome to the opening page of the presentation of construction project “Prague - Beroun, new railway connection”.

The “Prague - Beroun, new railway connection” project particularly includes a newly built railway line between railway stations Prague Smíchov and Beroun (with almost 25 km through the Barrandov tunnel), the complete reconstruction of the Beroun station, and the reconstruction of the line between Beroun and Králův Dvůr. In Prague, the new railway route is connected by a junction to the reconstructed double-tracked line to the Prague Krč station.

The construction investor is Správa železniční dopravní cesty s.o. (General Director: Ing. Jan Komárek, Main Engineer for the Construction: Ing. Karel Kala).

The master designer is SUDOP PRAHA a.s. (General Director: Ing. Josef Fidler, Main Engineer for the Project: Ing. Miroslav Krsek). The designer of the Barrandov tunnel is METROPROJEKT Praha a.s. (the tunnel concept, the project of the central and Beroun sections: Ing. Otakar Hasík) and SUDOP PRAHA a.s. (the project of the Prague section: Ing. Michal Gramblička).

The structure forms the first section of the west branch of the 3rd transit railway corridor Prague – Plzeň – Cheb – state border to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Links in the menu will take you to the history of the project preparation, its purpose, as well as basic information on the construction under preparation. The gallery includes a few project visualisations.